Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Flawless Flushing - Strategies to Keep Your Toilet Trouble Free

Is there a more aggravating situation in your day than to have a toilet not flush properly? As long as a toilet is working as it should, it's easy to not give it a second thought. Rather than wait for a toilet to act up, take a pro-active approach to minimize toilet troubles.

Tips to insure flawless flushing; here's a baker's dozen:

1. Don't use a toilet for a trash can or garbage disposer. Rather than list all the items that shouldn't be flushed down a toilet, I'll list the safe ones. A toilet is designed for the purpose of disposing of human waste and toilet tissue ... that's it ... end of story.

2. All paper is not created equal; toilet tissue is especially designed to quickly breakup in water whereas many other papers such as paper towels actually advertise how strong they are and how they hold together when wiping up liquids. Keep a waste paper basket in the bathroom for such things as facial tissues, sanitary products, paper towels, flushable wipes, etc.

3. Be kind to your toilets. Treat your toilet tanks and bowls like the "china bowls" they are; they can and will crack if abused. BE CAREFUL with tools around a toilet, don't compound the problem when making a repair in your bathroom. It's unlikely that you will be able to fix a cracked toilet bowl or tank.

4. Don't use a toilet for a ladder or stepstool. Don't stand or sit on a toilet tank lid. And don't put a lot of pressure on a tank by leaning back against it.

5. Throw out a toilet bowl cleaning brush once the bristles wear down and any metal is showing. Once the bowl is scratched, it's impossible keep clean, and you won't be able to repair the scratches. A plastic brush is less likely to scratch the china.

6. Don't store small or heavy items on the lid of the toilet tank or on a shelf above to minimize the risk of a something falling in, such as toys, brushes, combs, etc. A tooth brush that gets stuck in the interior passageway of a toilet bowl that can't be dislodged means replacing the toilet. A very heavy item that hits the china bowl could chip or crack the bowl.

7. Don't pour hot liquids into a toilet bowl or tank, the bowl or tank may crack.

8. Don't mix toilet cleaning products. Many of them contain bleach or ammonia; two ingredients that make a dangerous combination when mixed.

9. Help the environment, don't flush old prescriptions down a toilet. A hand full of pills is unlikely to harm a toilet, but according to the Arlington (Texas) Water Utilities, significant advancements in technology and processes have been made. Consequently, pharmaceutical compounds in tiny amounts are able to be detected in our waterways. Pharmaceutical compounds and personal care products are being found at low levels in many of our nation's lakes, rivers, and streams.

10. Do flush a toilet after every use. A crust will begin to form on the bottom of the toilet bowl if urine is allowed to sit in the bowl for long periods. The crust is very difficult to remove.

11. Never use a regular drain snake in a toilet which can permanently scratch the bowl. Make sure to only use a snake known as a toilet auger designed especially for toilets.

12. During freezing weather make sure the bathroom is heated, otherwise the toilet tank and bowl must be completely drained. In addition, the supply line under the tank should be disconnected and the ballcock drained.

13. Don't use drop-in tank tablets for cleaning a toilet. Whether blue, white or purple, these tablets are not good for the toilet. Some will cause a lazy flush which forces you to flush one, two or more times to completely clear a bowl. This lazy flush is also known as the blue goo phenomenon.

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Thursday, 17 February 2011

The Differences Between Traditional and Modern Toilets

There are list of things you should consider when designing a bathroom. Fixtures and sinks are possibly your top priorities. However, if you want a bathroom that reflects your creativity, it's necessary to consider the toilet. You can choose between traditional and modern toilets. If you want to add classic elegance to your bathroom design, then you can prefer a traditional toilet. If you want to create a fun and contemporary look to your bathroom, then you can choose a modern toilet type.

If you want to buy a traditional toilet at a discounted price, you can search online. Many bathroom stores that do business online offer this kind of toilets at a lower rate. A common model of a traditional toilet has a flush system that is generated by a pull chain. The waterproof receptacle of a traditional toilet that holds liquid is placed on top resting on the wall. This receptacle for liquid, or commonly called a toilet cistern, is attached to the toilet pan through a drainpipe. The traditional toilet's flushing system is the simplest form of flushing methods. A gravity flushing system produces less noise and is very efficient because the gravity increases the flow of water but a gravity fed toilet is really difficult to repair and consumes more water. Today's traditional-type toilets are generally made of ceramics that are really different from the original pieces which are purely made of heavy metals.

Though ceramics are commonly used to produce traditional type toilets, there are still suppliers that provide toilet cisterns created from steel. Modern toilets on the other hand are more expensive because they use new concepts of flushing systems such as pressure-assisted and dual flush systems but you can purchase them at a lower price them from bathroom shops online. Pressure-assisted flush is the latest form of flushing system. It's easy to flush toilets with this kind of flushing system. Apart from that, the system also decreases possibilities for clogging but they are noisier compared to the gravity flushing system. Some modern type of toilets have advanced features such as heated seat and ozone deodorant that helps eliminate odors. Some modern toilets also have air conditioning under the rim. This is definitely good and convenient especially during warm seasons. Learning the qualities and benefits of traditional and modern toilets can help you decide which one suits your needs and fancy.

Nowadays, manufacturers produced more creative modern toilets since these kinds are more popular than traditional toilets. Modern toilets don't only come in different colors like pink, blue, green and purple but they also come in fun, eye-catching and even humorous designs. There are a lot inspirational designs online you can have for your bathroom. Since you spend time in your bathroom, these unique contemporary styles can help you get rid of boredom. Choosing between traditional and modern toilets can be exciting and tricky but whatever type of toilet you want for your bathroom, you have to make sure that it is really functional and will give you much comfort.

There are list of things you should consider when designing a bathroom. Fixtures and sinks are possibly your top priorities. However, if you want a bathroom that reflects your creativity, it's necessary to consider the toilet.

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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Corner Toilet Design Ideas

Corner toilets are the toilets which can be adjusted into small space or can be adjusted into less area, it does not matter what is the size of the persons rest room. Corner toilet unit will help the person to take the advantage on the rest room that is on the hand and it also gives a good look to the person house. If any person wants to re-model its bathroom or rest room than he or she can prefer to these kind of toilets which looks good and give a cool, attractive look to the viewer.

Now a day many companies have constructed this kind of bathroom or rest room. Kohler toilets, American Standard toilets, Toto toilets and many more provide these kind of amazing corner toilets for the outlay.Although the fact that it is curious that the rest rooms must have need of a corner toilet unit and despite it they gives a good look to the rest room. Corner toilets are those toilets which can solve the space saving problems and that can be easily fill an unused corner, and provide a good amount of storage for bathroom, towels, cosmetics and accessories. Corner toilets designed for the corner escalating are an amazing and wonderful invention that can really save the unused space. The corner toilets manufacturers all produce them, both in modern drawn out style design, or in a more traditional round bowl and many more designs.

For once, it doesn't matter what is the size of a person's bathroom is. It is a bizarre as that statement may sound, somebody's inventive idea of creating a toilet unit that can be set up in a corner of any size which has made it possible for a person to maximize the space that is available to him or her, but they can also add a certain touch of different style to his or her bath room allowing it to stand out of the rest of the bathrooms in the home. If a person or one who prefers that their toilet be constructed up in an olden world feel, then he or she can choose to install a high tank with a pull chain instead of the normal one piece toilet tank or shelf top unit that would look great in color of bronze coupled with a toilet unit in white vitreous china.

A person can have a lot of fun with this setup, or can put up a corner bath in the opposite corner creating the chimera of open space that will make using a smaller bathroom less than it has to be. While it is rare that new bath rooms may require the use of toilets out of necessity, a number of buildings would benefit from these toilets and if a person has a clumsily shaped bath room, a corner toilet unit can be the easily perfect fit. The role of a corner toilet towards helps in creating an organized bathroom and clean is gigantic.

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