Tuesday, 29 November 2011

How To Fix Clogged Toilet

Clogged toilet is a big issue we all want to avoid. The knowledge of how to deal with clogged toilet can help you very much in saving lot of money and frustration. There are several hardware tools that can be found at any store and will help you in solving your clogged toilet situation. The drain blockage can be released with simple tools such as plunger, rag and even a closet hanger.

When we have problem of clogged toilet, the plunger is the best and most powerful tool to do the unclogging job quickly and efficiently. A toilet plunger has a rubber flange shaped to fit the bottom the clogged toilet bowl, this round shape block the pipe tunnel and creating high pressured vacuum inside the toilet pipeline. This high level vacuum will remove almost everything that is blocking the toilet. It is very simple to use the toilet plunger. You just need to insert the rubber flange deeply into the end of the toilet bowl. The next step is to move the plunger backward and forwards. Repeat this action few times until you successfully opened your clogged toilet.

Sometime we don’t have a toilet plunger, therefore we can try using a rag to fix our clogged toilet. The method is the same as the plunger technique. Take rag and wrap it until you get a shape of a ball. Then insert it to the bottom of the toilet bowl until it completely blocking the pipe. Next, use your hands to pump the toilet in a very similar way as you might use the toilet plunger until the toilet pipe is clear. The rag method to fix clogged toilet can be very dirty action as you must insert your hands deeply inside the toilet bowl and also the water might splash everywhere while trying to fix it.

A Closet hanger might be also useful to fix your clogged toilet. All you have to do is simply to make a hook shape at the edge of the hanger and thread it inside the toilet. The hanger will navigate through the curves of the toilet pipe until it reached to the blockage zone and release it.

Hopefully you managed to unclog your toilet successfully by now with those simply and useful techniques. If the problem is not solved yet it might be the time to call a professional plumber. Sometimes fixing the toilet is much complex than we think.

Monday, 7 November 2011

All About The Dual Flush Toilet

A dual flush toilet provides you with the option to select from two flushes. There reason for this is essentially to save water because it doesn’t take as much water to flush liquid waste as it does for solid waste. When you but a toilet that has both a high and a low volume flush, you’ll reduce the amount of water that your toilet uses by over half which is not only good for the environment but will also save you a lot of money during the lifetime of the toilet.

The difference that two different can make is nothing short of amazing. There have been studies of dual flush toilets show that have demonstrated that when compared to a traditional toilet they will lower the amount of water that is used by as much as 67 percent. The fact is that the amount of water that is saved is so significant that some counties like Australia which is starved for water, now have laws that make it mandatory that all newly installed toilets are dual flush. In an effort to conserve water where it is short supply, there are even some places in the US where drought is a primary concern that have enacted statutes.

The dual flush toilet is only just now becoming popular in North America and especially in the US. The idea of a twin flush is somewhat of a new technology, although these toilets first came on international market about ten years ago, and, until recently, they haven’t been so popular in the United States. But, with the widespread occurrences of drought that have plagued many parts of the US combined with the growing concern about our environment, many companies have gotten into the business and started to make these innovative toilets fairly popular for the smart homeowner who wants to save natural resources and money.

Another advantage of the dual flush toilet is their innovative appearance and design. Since this will soon be a very popular and competitive item in the marketplace and is somewhat of a new item, businesses are trying their best to make them as easy to use, aesthetically pleasing, and comfortable as possible. They are available many different styles that are all cutting edge, such as different types of mechanisms for flushing. The latest models have a button for each flush and come highly recommended over the pull/push models, primarily since they reduce the option of selecting the wrong flush volume. Although it sounds unlikely, but if you’re still groggy in the early morning or if you need to make a midnight trip to the bathroom, you shouldn’t have to stand there trying to remember if you should pull or push the handle so that you can save the environment and some money.

The only disadvantage to this system is that the plumbing that is needed to install one of these systems is considerable more complicated than the normal installation of a regular toilet and usually beyond the means of your average homeowner. If you decide to install one of these systems at your house you should get in touch with a plumber who is a professional to make sure they your new money and water saving toilet works precisely the way that it should and is free of problems for many years.