Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Toilet Seat Risers For The Elderly And Disabled

Anyone suffering from the inability to sit down comfortably on a toilet seat due to a disability, injury or aging problems will benefit from a toilet seat riser or a handicap toilet seat. There are many styles and designs on the market that will meet the particular needs of almost any type of problem including obesity.

There are styles that include handles, extra firm, and extra padded elongated styles just to name a few. It is important to understand just what your particular need is before shopping for the commode seat riser and what will be your best choice regarding price as well as performance.

Handicap seats are not just sold in medical equipment stores any more. Most big box stores carry many different makes and models. The prices for a riser seat can range anywhere from a low end of $25 to over $100 for specially designed seats with hinges or an elongated design to fit an extra-large toilet rim.

If you are a senior citizen suffering from an inability to bend at the knee or hip, a toilet chair riser will ease the pain of bending down to lower yourself onto a conventional seat. Using sore or arthritic muscles and joints can be painful and increase your chances of a dangerous fall; something most elderly people should take precautions to avoid. Using a toilet seat riser will eliminate the fear of bathroom mishaps.

Many handicap toilet seats come with side handle bars for more stability and ease of use. There are a few different styles on the market with handles attached to the sides of a riser. There are also seats that have a separate steel attachment that has added legs on the side to create a more stable platform for the handicapped person. You can easily search online for photos and prices of the type of riser that will suit your situation.

If you are interested in a different type of riser altogether, there is a special model that attaches to the base of the commode, making the toilet higher up on the pedestal so the regular toilet chair is accessible to the disabled or handicapped person. The necessary height is achieved by adding to the base of the toilet leaving the conventional seat intact. This eliminates the need for a padded rise and can be equally effective as a Styrofoam or plastic elevated seat.

Finding the right riser should be simple. It may help to measure the height of the handicap or disabled person before purchasing your handicap seats or riser. Make sure to get a receipt to return your item if it turns out to be the wrong style or height or look for an adjustable toilet seat.