Friday, 10 April 2009

Choosing a New Toilet of the Bathroom

Everyday a bloke and lady need to use the loo. It is a necessary part of life, but not all loos were made equally and if you look, you can actually find a fantastic loo that can be very attractive and can make your toilet look terrific. A lot of blokes like to keep their loo and toilet separate, and while this can be nice, it is not always the most practical approach.

Anytime somebody wants to refurbish the toilet in their flat, they never give any consideration to the loo and it often times goes over looked. This can be very important because it needs to go with the bath and the sink. Every bloke wants a high powered loo that he doesn't have to plunge every time he has a bowl movement. Not all loos are created equally and it is important to get one that doesn't stop up after every use. The other important factor that a bloke must think about is how easy it is to clean. Cleaning a loo is not very much fun and is never high on the chore list. There is not enough time in the day to get the flat clean and scrub every part of the toilet. The loos for cleaning have very crevices and contours, which makes them ideal for cleaning.

If you decide to go with vitreous china products, they appear clean, are very durable, and are physically easy to wash and wipe down. The best looking loos are the ones that come in the while colour. This makes them look pure and sanitary, which is essential to any clean toilet. The other fantastic aspect of a white toilet is that they are not very expensive and you can save a few extra pounds because they are so mass produced. The white coloured loo is the standard of all toilets and is the most traditional of all colours.

Another way to save some pounds is to go with the newer "low flow" loos. This will allow you to save a lot of money on bills, but will cause major plumbing issues. This will cause major stress problems and you will be using your plunger way too often. If you are deciding to purchase a "low flow" loo then you will want to go with a main brand. A few of the name brand loos are: Ideal Standard, Rak, Armitage, Shanks, Duravit, or Twyfords. These brands are famous for their loos and set the standard for all toilet ware.

It is vital that anytime you are putting in a loo that you have the proper plumbing equipment, because if you don't then you should employ a proper plumber. Installing a loo isn't terribly difficult and if you have the proper knowledge and proper tools you can put it in by yourself. Make sure you have excellent draining and you and your family will be able use an attractive loo in your very own flat. If you put it in properly, you will not have any plumbing issues and can worry about other items in your flat.

Written by James Chapman, a director of Bella Bathrooms Ltd.
Formed by two plumbers from the North East of England Bella Bathrooms has gone from strength to strength since it's creation in 2004. Having hands on experience of custom bathroom installation and products has enabled Bella Bathrooms Ltd to select only quality bathroom products for their online shop. They specialise in toilets showers, bathroom furniture, bathroom suites and bath related products for consumers throughout the United Kingdom.

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