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Kid’s Journey From Potty Chair to Adult Toilet

Potty chair is an important tool in potty training your child and its right selection make the training easier to a great extent. But making a right choice in potty chair requires full presence of mind. Think again, your child will learn his toilet etiquettes using these chairs and if you select the wrong one then it will affect potty training negatively.

Potty chair should be attractive and comfortable enough so that your child likes to use it repeatedly. There are numerous varieties available in the market and you need to choose from them.

Types of potty chairs you can choose from -

v Insert or Standalone Potty Chairs

Both insert and standalone potty chairs have their own benefits. Insert ones can be installed into your toilet and you need to wash these chairs by just flushing the toilet. Kids who are afraid of toilet do not like it and above all it is expensive. On the other side, standalone potty chairs can be placed anywhere but they should have solid base and easy to use.

v Basic Potty Chair
Made up of plastic basic potty chair is designed like a usual chair. It is easily washable. These chairs are inexpensive but not much decorative. You can easily afford to place one such chair in every room of the house.

v Fancy Potty Chair

These fancy items attract kids and they may be encouraged them to use these chairs whenever they want to go for potty. You can find these chairs in different styles at varying prices.

v Toilet Hole Reducer

Kids are afraid of using big potty chairs that have large toilet holes. Toilet-hole reducer makes the things secure for the child by reducing the hole. Children who get habitual to use small potty chair are generally hesitate to use big toilet. Toilet reducer plays a significant role in switching over your kid to adult toilet from small potty chairs. Sometimes parents avoid using small potty chair and only use this option to make him familiar with the toilet to shorten the length of potty training. Thus, they do not require to teach their child separately to use first small and then adult toilet.

v All-In-One Potty Chair

All-In-One potty chair comprises all the positive points of above written potty chairs. It has different detachable parts for various purposes. It can be both modified into simple potty chair and then into toilet hole reducer. To clean this all rounder chair, pour the contents into the toilet and wash it properly from the bottom and rinse thoroughly.

Before choosing the potty chair you need to consider certain factors–

  • The space you have planned to install the potty chair. If you are planning to install it somewhere away from the toilet then temporary potty chair is best for your kid.
  • If you are installing it near your toilet then toilet hole reducer is an ideal option.
  • Always consider your kid’s favorite cartoon character for potty chair, which can attract child easily.

Slowly, but gradually your child grows and with the growth you need to introduce him to the things meant for grown up children. You can no more carry the baby potty seat every where with your grown up child. So it is the time to shift him from baby potty chair to adult toilet. As your child is habitual to use the chair then you need to show patience and do little changes like

  • Place his potty chair in toilet so that he gets used to visit the toilet.

  • Then bring the child size toilet seat and place it on the toilet. To make the things easier, provide him some support to climb up and down by his own while using toilet.

  • When he becomes familiar with the process, remove the potty seat.

In case your child suffers from toilet terror then have a chat with your child to know the cause of this behavior. Then try to resolve this problem with your support and guidance. Find some trick/s to conquer this fear in your child. Before transition it is obvious to point out the reason for this change and try to clear out the things with your child. The main reason behind the transition is your inability to offer them their preferred potty seat or chair every where.

If you are away from your home like at friend’s or relative’s house, shopping centre or on vacation it will be hard to find out kids’ toilet. In that case you have to ask your child to use adult toilet. Irrespective of all these excuses your child may become hesitant in using the adult toilet. It is because it is large, high from the ground and has big hole.

To make things easy for your kid you need to teach and ask him to practice the way of climbing toilet height in your own home. Manage the things by assisting him in getting up and down from adult toilet. Practice it several times with your kid to make him familiar with the adult toilet. Do not send him alone to toilet unless he grows enough to use the toilet independently. Kids have the tendency to copy their parents and elder siblings. Baby boy can learn the way of using adult toilet from his father or big brother.

First let your kid uses the toilet himself and do not impose your ideas on him to use it properly. If he feels comfortable in using the toilet in his way then only you should ask your child to use the toilet as per your directions. It is necessary to introduce the toilet to him so that he overcomes the fear, you can then ask the child to change the way your kid is using it. For example some kids feel it easier to sit on the toilet seat backward as they can hold the wall or toilet cistern for support and also they may feel it easy to climb the toilet on that way.

Moreover, do not forget to appreciate your child’s effort and successful trial for using the adult toilet. This will encourage them and build confidence in them for using it again and again. This way your small kid becomes big enough to use the adult toilet independently.

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