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Common Problems Of Toilets And How To Fix Them.

You may have some horrible experience about problems in your toilet. Some of you really have no idea about how to deal with these problems and how to fix them. It is the fact that most of people rather call for professional service to fix a very little problems, which you never know that even you can fix it by yourself. This article will suggest you about most common problems in toilet and how to fix them properly.

1. Smell

Problems about smell and odor are always with the toilet. You may have experience about bad smell that never disappear, even though you have already clean the toilet, no matter when and how often you clean it, that smell still there without any clue. I can tell you that the smell, which never disappear are generally comes from the waste water drain. Drain is a really good place to store many of bacteria that is the cause of smell. All kind of waste after using toilet will be accumulated in the drain such as stain of soap, fat after shower. The easiest way to fix this problem is to call for professional service to install anti smell equipment in the drain, then clean the toilet often as normal, the smell will disappear after just 1-2 weeks

2. Rust in lavatory.

If you have used a lavatory for a while, you will find that when you open the lavatory , sometimes there is a stain of rust on it. The cause of this problem is the valve that control to let the water come on/off from water tank has broken and it can not stop the water. So the water id leaking from the tank and make rust stain on the lavatory.

You can get rid of this stain by using a piece of small metal or sand paper to softly scrape the lavatory, and then clean it normally. Do not forget to replace the water control valve too.

3. Bath tub clog up

For some of you who ay have problem about bath tub clog up very often. This maybe due to your hair that fall in to the tub drain after washing you hair. It is possible to use sodium hydroxide to clean but you have to be very careful because sodium hydroxide will destroy the bath tub coating and surface

4. Leaks

Leaks may be the most common problem in bath room but they are also the most difficult to fix. When you find any cracks or leaks in the toilet, you have to fix it immediately and do not let it be until it worse because it will be larger and let insects com into your house and absorb humidity. You must immediately seal the cracks or leaks but be sure that you can only fix by yourself only small leaks,otherwise, I would recommend to call for professional service.

5. Ventilation

If you notice that there are a lot of water drop on the ceiling, you can assume that your toilet is having a problem about ventilation. The water drop will make the ceiling coat erode, so you should install a ventilator to help.

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