Friday, 3 April 2009

Start Toilet Training Toddlers Only When They are Ready for it

You can begin to toilet train your baby right from the time he or she is 5 months old. That is, you cannot potty train you baby at that age but you can surely get your baby trained to urinate at regular intervals. However, to potty train your child or toddler the child has to be between 18 months and 24 months before he or she really understands what potty training is actually all about.

Toilet training toddlers is really a great achievement for any mother or parent and this means no more nappy changing or carrying the changing bag full of diapers where ever you go. Most parents are not sure how much time it will take before their toddlers are potty toilet trained.

But it depends on each individual toddler and the support, care and love they get from their parents. There are some toddlers who are ready fro potty training and will take a few days to be potty trained while there are some toddlers who will take months before they are ready to be potty trained.

It is always advisable to start toilet training toddlers only when they are ready for it. You certainly cannot potty train a screaming toddler who refuses to even look at the potty chair.

Look for signs from your toddler that indicates that they are ready for potty training. Normally toddlers are ready for potty when you find them becoming quiet suddenly and have a pretty serious look on their faces. Help them to gently sit on potty chairs after you remove their pants.

Hold their hands or hand them a toy to play with while they are doing their potty his will help them to relax and forget that they are actually doing their potty. You can even read to them while they are at it. It requires tremendous time, energy and patience on the part of the mom when she is toilet training toddler.

Take your toddler to the toilet at regular intervals especially after he or she has had lots of fluids to drink and help them to urinate and help them to flush after that. Children love to play with water and they love to flush and watch the sudden gush of water in the closet with a sound. Initially they will be terrified but slowly the mother should make them feel comfortable and assure them that there is nothing to be afraid of.

Try to buy fancy potty chairs which are now available in the market. These potty training chairs are now available in Disney character chairs and will thrill small children. When you are planning to get toilet training seats fro your toddler try to get the right size and something which will appeal to them so that they would want to sit on them when they do their potty.

Create a routine for your toddler whereby after every big meal you help him or her on to a potty chair so that whenever they feel they need to do their potty they will begin by indicating that they want to do their potty. All children are intelligent and they respond to love and care which is most important when you toilet train toddlers.

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