Saturday, 4 April 2009

Portable Toilets

One of the most important factors that any business that is expanding needs to consider and build into their plans is that the facilities that their premises provide are extensive enough to accommodate the number of employees that work there. It is no good taking on an extra hundred staff to work on a particular process if you are unable to provide them with basic facilities such as restrooms due to a lack of space or infrastructure. Thanks to the latest modular building systems, it is now possible to install portable toilets within almost any workspace with a minimum of fuss, and get the systems operating much more quickly and efficiently than it is with conventional building techniques.

Portable toilets can be prefabricated offsite and then delivered ready to use. Thanks to the use of 3" thick materials on the walls, and the inclusion of fork lift channels within the base of the structure, the block can be simply moved into position and then connected to the plumbing and power supply services in order to be used immediately.

Apart from the incredibly quick build time that they require in comparison to conventional construction systems, one of the main advantages of portable toilets that are built using modular techniques is the fact that the design of the units and their capacity can be determined by the end user. Rather than limiting the usefulness of the buildings by applying a one size fits all philosophy to their design, the use of modular systems means that the actual layout and size of each unit can be specifically chosen to meet the requirements of the location and demand that will apply to it when it is in use.

One of the main problems with conventional building techniques being used for installing toilet blocks is that so many different skill sets are required for the various different parts of the job. From bricklaying through to tiling and plumbing, a lot of different workers will be needed to carry out tasks within the construction process and this can lead to huge delays as you wait for various contractors to become available. It also means that the overall cost of the project can spiral upwards. With portable toilets, all of the work is carried out offsite, meaning that the various parts of the job can all be done at the same time before the finished product is delivered to you, ready for use.

The quality of the construction techniques that are used in portable toilets are very high, and thanks to the advanced materials that are included within the various modular components that are used throughout the building process, the portable toilets supplied by many companies are built to last. Thanks to the range of options that are available including the internal decoration and external colors that are used, coupled with the flexibility that a modular construction solution offers in terms of the range of sizes and shapes that are available to you, these portable toilets are the ideal solution to your needs, and provide the additional facilities that you need for staff quickly and in the most cost effective method possible.

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