Friday, 17 April 2009

Toilet On The Patio? How Convenient

My blog writing is always an interesting pass time and I try my best to give good answers and to interject some humor to brighten my day if no one elses. A few months back I wrote a blog about the new toilet arriving and sitting in the garage...what now? Well I guess the guy that posted the question below either left his on the patio instead of in the garage or we all now know what he did with the old one. Believe me folks I'm good but not good enough to make up these's very real from a DIY forum today:

Before you ask why I would even consider this, I need to mention that it is someone else who intends doing this. I think it is inadvisable. Do you agree that it's not a good idea to re-install a toilet that has been left outside, on the patio, all winter?
My Answer:
There are a few things that could happen to a toilet left outside for the winter, freezing water could have caused a break or crack in the tank or bowl, the flushing mechanism could become corroded or otherwise corrupted or on the far side something could have made a home for itself causing a clog....could make for an exciting "ground hog day" if thats where he's hiding, but in the long run toilets are pretty tough and if checked over well and any of the above problems are not present I see no reason why it couldn't be installed. But where will people sit on the patio with the toilet gone?

Now I will admit that I could have gotten this from Jeff Foxworthy or from my middle son. He is the one that Jeff Foxworthy patterned his redneck jokes after. My son measures his whole net worth based on the number of old cars he has in the yard, he does watch TV on a set sitting ontop of a set ontop of a set and I'm sure if his porch fell it would crush at least 3 dogs and a couple of cats. With this said I dont think Ive seen a toilet on his patio but once when I needed one for a renovation he was able to come up with one from somewhere on his 4 acres of land and it looked like it had been sitting out for several winters before we cleaned it up. S0 I knew how to answer the above problem, and YES it worked just fine.

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