Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Please Use A Toilet Seat Cover!

Despite the best efforts whoever keeps a restroom clean, it is almost impossible to keep on top of the myriad germs and bacteria that are able to thrive on a toilet seats. These germs can cause infections and disease if they get into your body, so you should take every precaution available to you in order to avoid them.

The first line of attack against the creatures in your bathroom is to clean scrupulously as often as is convenient in order to hold back the level of contamination, however, the fact remains that they will come back all too soon. Whether you bleach the facilities daily, scrub them, or wipe down after every use, the phenomenal rate at which bacteria reproduce, means that they will establish themselves in significant populations on every surface almost as quickly as you try to remove them.

Amongst the nasty invisible creatures living in every bathroom waiting for an opportunity to infect an unsuspecting person are unpleasant germs like Hepatitis A, Salmonella, Coliform Bacteria, Shingells, and many more that can cause stomach upsets that may require a stay in hospital.

These germs can easily be transferred on to your skin when you sit on the toilet, and from there it is an easy journey into your body through your mouth or small cuts and abrasions on your skin.

The only way of avoiding contamination from the menagerie of disease causing bacteria that reside in the average toilet is to put a hygienic barrier between your skin and the toilet seat, and this is where a toilet seat cover comes into its own.

Many public restrooms have a toilet seat cover dispenser in every
cubicle that allows users to protect themselves from the potential for infection that comes from using a toilet. The seat cover itself is a piece of paper that matches the size and shape of the toilet seat, to create a barrier between you and the seat itself.

You might even want to consider using toilet seat covers at home, because even though you clean your toilet regularly, it can still become home to the same unpleasant germs that are present in public restrooms.

Using a toilet seat cover every time you go to the bathroom will
protect you from getting infected with potentially dangerous conditions such as Salmonella and cryptosporidium that can require hospitalization, and if you have a weakened immune system, could even kill you.

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