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Methods Which Enable Parents to Do Toilet Training in Less Than a Day

Though a toddler may not think so, toilet training is indeed very important and necessary for a toddler especially if he is anywhere between eighteen and twenty four months old. Training involves certain methods that will enable your child to be motivated enough. He or she has to be made to feel that toilet training is just a natural process and not something that is forced or thrust upon him.

There are various methods of training that you can use to train your child without creating an aversion in him. One thing that must be remembered is that during any kind of a family stress you must avoid starting the process of toilet training them.

There are also methods which enable parents to complete their child's toilet training in less than a day. Though this may sound impossible for exasperated parents, it is worth giving it a try. All you need is a doll, a normal boy or girl underwear to replace the diaper, liquid in abundance for the doll and your child to drink, and not to mention a potty chair.

Before you go about trying to perform toilet training in less than a day for your child, make sure you wait until the child is at least two years old. Doll must be used for demonstrating the way or method to go potty.

Using the name of your child's favorite hero to motivate him or her is also a good idea.
Step one involves making your child teach the doll the method to go potty. After naming the doll play with your child and make him or her feed the doll with liquids.

After feeding the liquid, the doll has to be led by your child to the potty seat and the underwear has to be pulled down. Watching the doll going potty with your child will make him understand that he also has to do that after he has liquids.

The second step in toilet training in less than a day involves throwing a potty party for the doll which has been successful enough. This will immensely encourage your child to follow the good deed. Party can actually be made grand and memorable. Doing this will imprint the idea in his or her mind that going potty is actually a good thing.

If he thinks there will be an exciting party, he will also make an effort to do the same. You can actually put it across to your child that when he follows the doll's example he will have a party too.

The next step involves replacing your child's diapers with underwear's. He will actually relate this to the underwear you put on for the doll. After giving him a lot of fluids, you can start your training with him. He or she has had enough motivation by now.

Wait patiently for some time before the child actually asks to go for potty. This will eventually happen and make sure you do not scold him for occasional accidents.

When he is sufficiently trained, it is time for celebration.

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