Monday, 13 April 2009

Small Camping Toilet Solutions

Is a portable camping toilet the best way to deal with poor toilet facilities that are found at camping sites the world over? Many camping enthusiasts appear to think so, although finding the right toilet is not as simple as it should be.

We've probably all been in a situation where we need the toilet late at night during a camping trips. Maybe we've had a fun evening of drinking. This is usually the point when we start to regret it.

First we have to make our way across a field in the dark. Hopefully we can quickly get our hands on a torch. Hopefully it's not raining and we're not about to embark on a trek across a muddy field.

Even if we avoid these potential problems, the worst may yet be in front of us. The bathroom facilities at many campsites are simply awful. Although standards do vary considerably from one site to the next, too many seem to produce bathroom blocks that are lacking in terms of cleanliness and hygiene.

It's because many people want to avoid getting into such situations that they choose to buy camping toilets that they can take with them. These may seem ideal - they make it possible to avoid stumbling across a field late at night.

They also give you a level of control when it comes to hygiene. They should be the perfect answer. So why is it that the right camping toilet is often so hard to find?

One reason is that many toilets are not as compact as they could be. This is because they are often simply too large, meaning that it's harder to transport them than it should be.

Another issue stems from the fact that some are most certainly not friendly to the environment. Making use of chemicals and large amounts of plastic, they can be a real problem.

Some people give up, believing that there are no suitable solutions available. That's a shame - the reality is that there are environmentally friendly, folding camping toilets that are absolutely perfect.

They're now being sold here in the UK. Take advantage of the situation to purchase a smaller camping toilet that should be perfect for your needs.

By: Keith Barrett

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