Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Puppy Toilet Training: Tips For Owners

Puppy toilet training is one of the most important trainings in every dog's life - as well as yours being a dog owner. Having a dog that is not successfully toilet trained means having a poop-scooping and pee-cleaning life. Considering these facts, you indeed have to do something to avoid urine stains in your expensive carpet or piles of poop somewhere under your bed. What you have to do is train your puppy to eliminate at the right time at your designated spot.

Puppy toilet training is not the easiest neither an impossible thing to do. All you need is the right training advice on how to achieve your goals - a reliably trained canine companion.

First advice is to understand your dog's need to eliminate. Take note that puppies do not have full control of their bladders and bowels. Thus they must be taken out to eliminate at the following times:

- after eating
- after drinking
- immediately after waking
- when excited
- after playing or exercise
- before sleeping
Just take your dog out at least every one to two hours and you'll be safe.

Feed your dog at approximately the same time everyday. Feeding on regular schedule will help your dog establish regular potty time.

Another important thing a dog owner must understand is the signs indicating that the dog has to go. Sniffing around, circling round in one spot or holding the tail high is your dog's simple way of telling you that something is on the way.

Some people find crate as an effective tool in toilet training a puppy. Having den dwelling ancestors, domesticated dogs would never soil their dens as much as possible. This is ideal in helping them control their urge to eliminate. Just remember to take your pup out regularly to avoid soiling the den.

Understand that successful training cannot be achieved for only a day or two. Time as well as consistency and determination are other contributing factors to make Fido learn what he has to learn. Accidents will happen and if they do, never punish your dog for it. Hitting him or rubbing his nose in the spot will not make him realize his mistake but rather create behavior associated problem.

If despite your best efforts, the puppy is continually having accidents and toilet training tips don't seem to work, seek out your vet's advice. It could be sign of a disease that must be addressed at once.

About The Author:
Richard Cussons is a great lover of dogs. Tired of cleaning your dog's mess? Discover useful puppy toilet training tips here.


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