Thursday, 4 August 2011

Going to the Toilet When Camping

Let's face it; going to the toilet when camping can be a very awkward experience. Or is it? If you speak to someone who goes camping very regularly, you will find that going to the toilet when you are camping does not have to be uncomfortable or awkward at all. Today, you can get little portable toilets which fold up, or that stay as one piece. Some use chemicals to start the break down process, whilst others just have biodegradable bags that fill up and are buried. Whatever it is, you can ensure that your toilet issues when you are camping are no longer a problem.

To top it off, you can easily purchase a shower tent which can be used as a toilet tent too. If you have a toilet that can be moved around you simply keep it outside when you want to have a shower, and then move it back in when someone needs to use it. By having a shower tent you are ensuring that you have the most privacy possible, which is always nicer when you are doing your business! Of course, if you are hiking you might find it a bit harder to carry a heavy plastic portable toilet with you, so you have to put up with using a small trowel to dig a hole and then squat over.

Please make sure you clean up properly. Dig a hole at least 30 cm deep, and at least 100 metres away from any water. Make sure that everything is buried properly and that you try to dig as little number of holes as possible. A number of places are now making it compulsory to bring your own chemical portable toilet, because of the mess that is left behind by those that are inconsiderate. By using a chemical toilet that has biodegradable chemicals we can ensure that the environment is kept in a pristine state, as well as being able to do 'the business' without it being too troublesome.

By learning to go to the toilet properly when camping we can ensure that everyone can keep enjoying the massive number of spectacular camping locations throughout the world. It really is the small things that make all of the difference when you are camping. I've learnt that you are well worth purchasing a few of these things that make life handy if you want a more enjoyable camping trip!

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