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Decorating Toilet With Plants

Toilet is a humid environment. Having plants will soften up the atmosphere of your toilets. It offer challenges in terms of what houseplants to put in the area. Decorating houseplants for the toilet help generating ventilation and creating desirable atmosphere. Plants bring the freshness of the outdoors into your bathroom.

However, toilets also offer great opportunities for houseplants that may not do well in other areas of your home. For example, a toilet usually will have higher humidity levels from waters; therefore a houseplant that requires higher humidity levels will do very well in a toilet without you having to mist it.

Light (natural sun light)

Light is probably the most essential factor for plant growth. The growth of plants and the length of time they remain active depend on the amount of light they receive. Light is necessary for all plants because they use this energy source to photosynthesize. In order to choose the best plants for your toilet you have to consider the environment your toilet offers. Most importantly is lighting. If your toilet has low light levels, which many do, be sure to choose a plant with low light requirements. Like mentioned above, many houseplants require high humidity levels, therefore do not choose a plant that does not like high humidity levels. Choosing toilet plants can benefit from the extra humidity of the bathroom. Excessive light is as harmful as too little light. When a plant gets too much direct light, the leaves become pale, sometimes sunburn, turn brown, and die. Therefore, during the summer months do protecting plants from too much direct sunlight.


Indoor planting often result in drainage problem. The solution is to have the drain system separated from waste water that come from cleansing and waste water that come from gardening activities. This will prevent from clogging up due to pieces of rocks in the soil.


Having large toilet is an ideal for your plants. The plants can get enough sun light and air to survive. Some plants are very sensitive to drafts or heat from registers. Forced air dries the plants rapidly, overtaxes their limited root systems, and may cause damage or plant loss. You should have good ventilation plans to provide increased humidity are by attaching a humidifier to the heating or ventilating system in the toilet or placing gravel trays (in which an even moisture level is maintained) under the flower pots or containers. This will increase the relative humidity in the vicinity of the containers. As the moisture around the pebbles evaporates, the relative humidity is raised.


Examine plants thoroughly for insects before purchasing. Avoid buying toilet plants that are not healthy. Some insects can be removed by cleansing the leaves with a mild detergent solution. Care should be taken to avoid wetting the soil.

Plants have differences in maintenance processes. Some toilet plants like drier conditions than others. Differences in soil or potting medium and environment influence water needs. Watering as soon as the soil crust dries, results in over-watering.

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