Friday, 6 March 2009

Novelty Toilet Seats Make a Fun, Unique Gift Idea

Isn't it difficult coming up with fun gift ideas now. Everything has been done, there's nothing new. Have you considered a novelty toilet seat for a fun gift idea that will really make the recipient smile, over and over?

Now of course a novelty toilet seat isn't a new idea, unique and unusual toilet seats have been around for some time, you may have even seen one in someone's toilet. But have you ever thought of a novelty toilet seat for a gift?

It's not quite a gag gift, but it's certainly one to consider giving to someone who appreciates a laugh. You probably wouldn't give one to your mother. Well not unless she loves a gag. But it's a great gift idea for the right person.

It's a gift for someone who likes things a little out of the usual. A little abnormal. Who likes a house that has individuality. That's shows some personality.

And a novelty toilet seat is a gift for someone who would love to see the look on the face of a house guest who goes to the toilet and comes out looking - amazed.

There's all sorts of unique and unusual novelty toilet seats. The range is massive, and they're not that expensive. Shop online in the right place and you can pick one up for less than $50, often a lot less. I'm looking at some in my store right now. How about a handcarved oak toilet seat with a hand painted black bear. Or a toilet seat with a pair of red female underwear embedded in fiberglass on top? Or a toilet seat with a Garfield biker cat on it?

There's so much choice that you can find a novelty toilet seat to suit the tastes of anyone. And make anyone smile, every time they go into the toilet. And kids love them.

So if you're stuck for a great gift idea and would like something out of the ordinary, consider a novelty toilet seat. It's a fun way to keep your friends smiling.

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