Sunday, 12 July 2009

Potty Training Methods - Potty Seats vs Toilet Trainers

Potty training is a huge milestone for your child, and probably a welcome relief to parents and their pocketbooks. It would be nice and maybe easier if there was one, set method to potty train your child. But, like most other things having to do with your child - you have a few options as far as potty training goes.

One of the decisions you get to make about potty training is whether to potty train using a potty seat, or a toilet trainer. There are a few differences between the two and both methods have their pluses and minuses.

A potty seat is a miniature potty built just for your little one. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Some are simple, just the pot, while some have whistles and bells included - literally. Some potties are programmed to play music or light up or do something fun when your toddler goes potty in them. Here's a good assortment of potty seats you can check out.

A toilet trainer is a little different from a potty seat in that it fits over the family toilet. Most toilet trainers consist of a seat, built to fit your little one's smaller fanny (so they don't fall in!) and they can be attached to or placed on a regular toilet seat. But, like potty seats, toilet trainers have a number of different options as well - colors, size, cushioning, etc.

The good thing about potty seats is that they are built specifically for tiny tots. They are easy for them to use, and the toddler doesn't have the risk of falling off the potty seat (unless they fall asleep on the pot!). A lot of kids enjoy having their own pint sized potty, it makes them feel important to have one specifically for themselves.

One of the problems with potty training on a potty seat is that your child may only want to use their potty. There might be times when you're out at a friend's house and don't have their potty with you. They might be afraid to use the big toilet when their potty isn't around. Not only that - there's also the clean up involved. You're probably used to it by now having spent two years working with diapers - but then again, you've spent two years cleaning up poo!

Toilet trainers are good because they allow for the child to become used to using a regular sized toilet. There is no transition period involved after you've potty trained your child. They already know how to use it. Plus - it flushes! And that's the moment we've all been waiting for.

On the other hand, you need to be extra careful when using a toilet trainer as the child is going to be higher up than if they were on their own potty seat. Many children are going to need some sort of stool as well to get up to the big toilet. And don't forget to lift it up when you want to use the toilet!

There are plenty of options when it comes to choosing a potty seat or toilet trainer - as you can see at the Potty Training Store. There are also many advantages and disadvantages to both. But - parents have been successful with both - so don't worry. What you need to do, is decide which of the two is going to work best for your toddler and you.

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