Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Toilet Brands - More Choices Than Ever

Toilets have been around since the last 1800's with many manufacturers being involved in their making since those very early days. Four of the major toilet brands including American Standard, Briggs, Kohler and Toto USA.

Let's look at those brands along with others, the manufacturers who make them and the history behind them. If you are getting ready to install a new model in your house we'll try to give you a little information about the choices you have today, hopefully making your selection a little easier.

Although American Standard, Briggs, Kohler and Toto USA make up the bulk of the market there are a few other brands as well. Let's take a look first at the four dominant brands for manufacturers of some of the top toilets. American Standard like most of these companies began in the 1800's are credited with several innovations including the one piece bowl.

Briggs which is another very well known brand began in 1908 and started off as a company that sold car parts believe it or not. It was not until the 1940's they ventured into toilets and they have been a mainstay ever since.

Kohler began in Germany and founded by Michael Kohler is also one of the originals. They invented the process of covering toilets and sinks and bathtubs in enamel. And finally Toto USA is a Japanese company that began making toilets in America in 1989 although they have been in the business in Japan since the early 1900's,

Barclay is another major player that we should include. Prices on this brand run from the $400's to the $500's and they have many models available. Other brands are Caroma and Laufen. Caroma is one of the toilet brands known for water conservation and is great for areas where you need a smaller or shorter toilet simply because you do not have room for a standard size.

They are also famous for their dual flushing motion a large exit pipe (trap way) which greatly helps prevent clogging. Next we profile Laufen which looks different than most other toilets and might not be for everyone in style but they are unique. Laufen's collection includes toilets that can be hung on a wall to help conserve space. They are also height adjustable which can put them into the category of tall toilets.

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