Monday, 15 June 2009

The Health Benefits of Using a Bidet Toilet Seat

Who would ever think that using a bidet Toilet Seat or a Washlet (made by Toto) would result in health benefits! This is the big secret that Americans and others have been missing out on for a long time and need to know about. But before I tell you the health benefit of using a Bidet Toilet Seat, let me briefly explain the how.

Simply put, how a Bidet Toilet Seat works is by extending a nozzle spraying warm water on your private parts until you're clean. The first thing you will discover about bidets is that they get you really clean and far superior to what toilet paper could ever do for you. To make my point, imagine that you only clean your hands with paper towels... As you can imagine, your hands will not be clean at all and bacteria will start growing at an accelerated rate, yuck! I think you get my point.

Now let's get to the why! Water is a very effective way to get your rear and front side (women) clean and is not an old idea. Over time people who only use toilet paper will start experiencing health issues because of lack of hygiene. By using a Bidet Toilet Seat, you will obtain health benefits. Let me tell you in what areas they are very helpful.

Hemorrhoids are not fun and are very painful when using toilet paper (almost like sand paper). Constipation is one of the main reasons we get hemorrhoids because of excess straining, using a bidet will help to stimulate you to get things moving again. Keeping your rectal area clean will also help with other problems associated with having hemorrhoids, such as bleeding, itching and tenderness to name a few. Listen, I should know because I used to have them until I started using a bidet toilet seat. For me it was like magic, life changing! So simply stated, using a Bidet Toilet Seat will help you with problems related to hemorrhoids just by using water to keep yourself hygienic and clean.

Feminine hygiene has always been a challenge and by using a bidet, you will dramatically reduce vaginal discharge, urinary and yeast infections, and also very helpful during and after pregnancy. The bidet toilet seat will make your life a lot easier and will keep you feeling fresh and clean. It will also be very helpful before and after intercourse.

Diarrhea can be a real problem if you don't keep yourself clean. After several trips to the bathroom, toilet paper becomes "the necessary evil." A Bidet Toilet Seat will be soothing, hygienic and keep you more comfortable until you get better.

If you have any kind of surgery, this will make your healing process improve much faster and eliminate the risk of damaging your tender wounds in your private area until they heal. I'm certain that most doctors would recommend using a bidet toilet seat as a measure for hygiene and to help the healing process.

Becoming physically challenged or taking care of someone who is can be difficult. A Bidet Toilet Seat will bring back dignity and independence to that person's life and will be a real help to the elderly. I would say overall that if you are not using a Bidet Toilet Seat you should consider one for yourself. Over the long run, you will receive health benefits by keeping yourself clean and free of bad bacteria. Feeling fresh and clean is definitely a bonus that you will really learn to appreciate. You can learn more about how a bidet toilet seat works at this website. Bidet Toilet Seat

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  1. Who would ever think that using a bidet Toilet Seat or a Washlet (made by Toto) would result in health benefits! This is the big secret that ...