Monday, 15 June 2009

What is a Bidet Toilet Seat and Why Would You Consider Owning One?

Bidet Toilet Seats are more common these days but Bidets have been around for about 200 years. They first appeared in France and most likely made out of wood. The porcelain bidet which looks somewhat like a toilet without a tank and toilet seat was invented in the early 20th century.

Some common misspellings of Bidet are bedit and bedet and the word Bidet sounds like "be day". The more common porcelain stand-alone bidets needed extra space and plumbing in the bathroom and very costly to install. These old-fashioned bidets were not easy to use and they required you to squat down over the unit to clean yourself. Afterwards you would need to dry yourself with a towel. I think for a lot of people, this was just too much work and as a result, bidets were never used very much. They did get you clean and that was great, if you didn't mind the extra work.

In 1980, Toto, a Japanese company, started selling bidet toilet seats and later gave them the name Washlet (in the US, more commonly called Bidet Toilet Seats). Now the great thing about the Washlet was that you did not need any extra space or plumbing to install them, nor did you have to get off the toilet to use them. They install on your existing toilet and simply replace the toilet seat and lid. They also function much better than the old-fashioned bidets; clean you much better and you don't need a towel to dry yourself.

The Bidet Toilet Seat is also very easy to install and adds a nice touch to your bathroom decor. In the US, bidets are not very common and mostly because a lot of people just don't understand them. The funny thing is that when people try them with an open mind, they learn to appreciate how well they work. The first thing you'll notice from using a Bidet Toilet Seat is a fresh and clean feeling you'll experience. Most people will never go back to toilet paper after using them.

Let me give you an idea of what you can expect from the Bidet Toilet Seat. The toilet seat has an adjustable temperature setting that will feel warm and be a relief in the wintertime. There are two spray wands that are tucked under the seat and only come out when you press the button; one is for the front side (women) and one for the backside (everyone). In most models, you can adjust the water temperature and pressure. Some of them even come with a massage function that moves the spray wand back and forth with an oscillating water action without the wand touching you.

After you're done cleaning yourself, the wand retracts and goes through a cleaning cycle, therefore keeping the unit sanitary. The last step is to dry yourself with the air dryer that you control the air temperature. Some of the Bidet Toilet Seats even have an air filter to keep the air in the bathroom clean and fresh (this is the part that I really like).

Some of the other functions are a soft-close toilet seat and lid... no more slamming loud sounds. Some of the Bidet Toilet Seats also open automatically when you walk up to them and close the lid after you leave. That's about it and I hope that was helpful. The following website has a lot more information about Bidet Toilet Seats.
Bidet Toilet Seat

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