Thursday, 18 June 2009

The Mundane Toilet Brush! - Making the Right Choice

We all have at least one toilet in our house or apartment and many of us have two or more. What should we find close to these toilets? A toilet brush. It is rare to find a toilet in a domestic setting that does not have one nearby. Why do we put so much value in a toilet brush?

A toilet brush is a useful accessory and in fact an absolute necessity when it comes to the cleaning of the interior surfaces of the toilet bowl. There we have it, it is a simle, straightforward cleaning accessory, not a decorative item. It is a brush because it is required to scrub away at those resistant stubborn stains. However we live in times where individuals require that all their accessories fit in with each other and look aesthetically pleasing. Toilet brushes and their holders are no exception to this. Consequently they can be found in all manner of shapes, sizes, colours, and materials and the same applies to the holders. You can have wooden, plastic or metal handles. You can find holders that attach to the wall or are free standing. They can be found as scrubbing brushes with long handles to humorous celebrity look-alikes. Novelty toilet brushes abound in the market place.

When deciding what toilet brush/holder you should get for your toilet consider its function and relate that to its design. It has a specific function and you have to decide if its design is best suited to carry out that function efficiently. Do not buy on impulse or because it looks good and would fit in decoratively.

Let us take a closer look at its function. It is used to scrub away at the dirt and accumulated faecal debris, and when used with the correct cleaning chemical will stop lime scale built up. Lime scale, especially in those areas not so visible will allow dirt to built up because of its roughened surface. Where does all of this collect? Well it can e found any where on the inner surface of the bowl. Faecal matter tends to accumulate on the sides towards the base and below the water line on the whole of the curved inner surface disappearing finally around the bend. This area in particular can become very badly stained. The second and important site for dirt and debris accumulation is under the rim, from where the flush water appears.

The brush should have its bristles orientated in such a way that it makes scrubbing under this rim easy. The handle should be firm but not completely rigid. If it is not firm then little pressure can be exerted in the brushing process because the handle simply bends. If it is completely rigid then you will not be able to get to all the surfaces at the base of the bowl. Avoid handles that are screwed on. Invariably in the brushing action these can unscrew and you will be continually screwing them back together. Metal handled ones are frequent offenders here. Do not purchase brushes that have guards on them that also act as lids to the holders. This attachment just gets in the way of correct brushing and will not allow the brush to reach all the parts that are necessary. Do not be unduly swayed by advertising, which indicates that toilet brushes are unhygienic and hot beds of disease causing organisms. If they are used in conjunction with a good toilet cleaner then anything harmful will be killed despite what the brush may look like. Unless of course it has been used to unblock the toilet in which case it becomes caked in large pieces of faecal matter. In these circumstances it is advisable to get rid of the brush and purchase a new one. As they are subjected to daily use their useful life is often short. So why pay a lot of money for a designer brush that you will soon be throwing out anyway. Some of the best brushes are the cheapest at no more than one pound each. At those prices you can afford to chuck them out at the first sign of wear or staining. At £20 you are going to be a little more reluctant to seek a replacement. The cheap simple brushes and holders do nothing to enhance the aesthetics of your toilet but invariably they do not detract from it either.

Always think function before looks when buying toilet brushes!

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