Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Cat Behavior - Cat Toilet Training

Cat toilet training may seem impossible but it can be an easy thing to do. Many people have trained their cats to use a human toilet already. Cats are very intelligent animals and can learn and be trained quickly.

Before we start there is one important teaching guide you need to know. Whenever you are training your cat, always make slow and changes over many days. This is the best way and also the easiest way to train your cat to use the toilet.

To start your cat with toilet training, start by slowly moving the litter box from where it is, to right next to the toilet. The cat has to be used to being in the bathroom and be comfortable eliminating in there.

Now once your cat is comfortable with using the litter box when it is right next to the toilet, place the litter box on top of the toilet. It may take your cat a week to get used to this idea, because cats like to feel protected when they eliminate. It is a new feeling for them to be so high when they eliminate.

Once they get used to this, buy or fashion a litter box that will sit down into the bowl and that hangs onto the surrounding rim. Again this phase of training may take a week or so, but be patient.

Now once your cat learns to eliminate into the litter box while standing on the toilet seat, then you can try and remove the litter box entirely. Obviously this is the hardest and most difficult step to teach. But, with lots of patience you can toilet train your cat.

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