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How To Efficiently Clean And Sanitize The Toilet

That dreaded job of cleaning the toilet. We all hate doing it, but it has to be done. Having had a cleaning business for 25 years I've got it down to a science. With my proven method the nasty task of cleaning the toilet can be mastered efficiently and quickly.

8 Tips for a Shiny, Sanitary, and Pleasant Smelling Toilet

1. Start by spraying the bowl (be sure to get up under the rim), behind the seat and around the bottom with the cleaner of choice. Spray sparingly around the bottom and the back, you do not want to make a huge mess. You just want enough to dampen the soiled area.

An inexpensive and sanitizing cleaner that works great is White Vinegar. There are several good toilet bowl cleaners, however, I have found that the White Vinegar cleans exceptionally well, kills the mold and leaves the toilet fresh smelling.

2. Let sit for 2 minutes to loosen dirt. Use this time to put on rubber gloves (surgical gloves work great for cleaning and are economical) and dig out your toilet brush and some paper towels. You want a brand of paper towels that are strong (Bounty or Brawny work well).

3. Now using the toilet brush, begin the cleaning. Run the brush first around the rim of the bowl, be sure to get all the way under the rim where the black mold clings. If you sprayed it well all the dirt will come off easily. Then finish cleaning the bowl reaching with the brush way down as far as you can go to get stubborn stains.

Side note: Experience has taught me brushes specifically for toilet cleaning are useless. Most are too stiff. Disposables break up or get too water logged for efficiency. I recommend using a softer, one sided brush sold for everyday cleaning.

4. Run the brush around back of toilet seat. Be sure to run bristles around edges of bolt caps where all the nasty urine stains build up. Do not lean too closely while doing this as you do not want to get splashed. You want your brush damp but not excessively wet so as to make a mess. You will be wiping it up shortly.

5. Now take the brush around the bottom of the toilet. Again you will want to get close to the bolt caps. This always seems to be where the most mess settles.

6. Tear off a couple of sheets of paper towels (2 or 3 sheets is sufficient) and dampen. With seat lifted wipe the edge of the bowl and flush the toilet. Wipe under side of seat, lower seat and wipe top with paper towel. Now close lid and wipe top of lid. Rinse paper towel in hot water.

7. Wipe behind the seat. Rinse. Now wipe down the rest of the toilet bowl around the outside, the tank, handle, bottom and behind toilet. If the paper towel breaks up, start over with a few more sheets. Rinse when needed.

8. After you have wiped it all down with damp paper towels, wipe seat, lid and tank top with dry paper towel and run dry towel over chrome handle to shine.

Once you master the process you should only use about 6-8 sheets of paper towels. If desired you can do it with a rag, I just like to dispose of what I use on toilets.

If all steps are followed you now have a shiny, clean and sanitary toilet. The added benefit with using the white vinegar is no urine odor is left behind. All this should take 5-7 minutes tops. Now that wasn't so bad after all, was it?

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