Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Kids And Toilet Training

A dilemma parents have is when and how to toilet train their kids. All kids are different they all look different and act different and their isnt really a particular age that all kids should be toilet trained by. You are not a failure as a parent because all your other friends kids were toilet trained at a certain age and yours is not. All kids have a time when they are ready to be toilet trained and no matter how much you may want them to start earlier if they dont want to they wont.

Many people say that summer time is the best time to toilet train because kids can run around in their underwear and it doesnt matter how many accidents they have but honestly if they are having many accidents per day do you want to spend the day mopping up after them because if kids wet their pants it also ends up on your floor, furniture etc.

Watching for the signs that kids are ready to use the toilet is the best key. Kids will be fascinated with you and the toilet, some will hold onto their nappy when they are doing something in their so you can generally tell they know when they need to go or not.

If you are a bit weary you can keep your child in a nappy but to start off take kids to the toilet at different intervals during the day and put them on there even if they dont do anything. Do this over a week or so and most kids will then start to ask to go to the toilet and will start to do what they used to do in their nappy in the toilet. Don't be discouraged if this doesnt work straight away and you have to go back to nappies it just means that like what I said at the start all kids toilet train in their own time. If you are really lucky you may have one of those kids that just refuses nappies one day and starts getting on the toilet and never looks back. Be prepared for a few accidents and one step forward two steps back meaning you might think you and the toilet have won and then all of a sudden your kids asking for a nappy again that is not unusual and if they really insist give them their nappies back and start again in a day or two asking your child to use the toilet again. Remember all kids toilet train or we would have teenagers in nappies.

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