Sunday, 4 January 2009

Toilet Train a Cat

Everyone thought I was nuts when they found out I toilet trained my cat. Well, I am not crazy, and my cat does use the toilet. No more kitty litter. No more cleaning the litter box. Toilet training my cat was time consuming and I had to be very patient, but it was worth it, and here is how I did it.

The very first thing I did to teach my cat how to use the toilet was put his litter box right next to the toilet (a spare bathroom is recommended). I made sure he knew where I moved his litter box so he would use it. As he became comfortable with using his litter box, I began to put old phone books and newspapers under the litter box over time until it was higher than the toilet seat.

Now it is time to be creative. I found a large metal mixing bowl that fit tightly into the inside of the toilet bowl. Place it inside the bowl and move the litter box onto the toilet. You can get rid of the stack of phone books and newspapers.

Let your cat use his litter box on top of the toilet for a week or so then the fun part happens. With the metal mixing bowl in the toilet (just in case kitty falls!), remove the litter box completely. Viola! Kitty is using the toilet.

Once your cat is comfortable standing on the toilet seat and there is no worry of him falling in, you can stop using the metal mixing bowl which means kitty is 100% toilet trained!

WOO HOO! No more litter boxes!

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