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Small Garden In A Toilet : Thing You Have To Consider.

Small garden in a toilet : thing you have to consider.

Many people often looking for the way to have a small garden in a toilet because not only they want to make the toilet looks beautiful, but also garden will help toilet to have good ventilation and atmosphere.

Before you are going to have a small garden toilet, either you arrange by yourself and hire professional service. There are some factors that you should know and consider in order to arrange a garden properly.

Light (natural sun light)

As we all know that plants need natural sun light to survive, so you should have small cavity to let the sun light come in to the room, at least about 50%. The possible option may be you can use a piece of transparent roof tile or have a small ventilator on the wall to get the sun light. If possible, if you can have space to let the sun light come that has no roof top will be excellent.


It is quite difficult to change the installed drain system, especially some of you who bought a second-hand house. However, if you have a chance to do a forward planning about drainage system, you should have separate drain system for waste water that come from bathing and waste water that come from gardening activities. This is because the waste water from gardening may contain piece of rock and soil, so we need to prevent these fragments to clog the drain system.


It would be excellent if you have large toilet so you can have more space separate for your garden. Therefore, the plants can get enough sun light and air to survive.

Apart from larger space that you should provide to the plants, you should have good ventilation plan, install some ventilators may be good for both your plans and yourself. The plants that grow in very limited space or not enough ventilation will have less small size and look fresh than the ones that grow in larger space. In case you have very limited space for the garden, you should provide cavity or louver or install a ventilator on the wall.

Maintain your garden

The most important that to have to be careful is the drain system. You have to make sure that you often clean the drain system to prevent from clogging. Collect plant’s leaf, have a plate to support under the flowerpot to store waste water to strain soil and piece of rock which may come out with the water.

Bugs and insects also the important thing that you should pay attention to. You can not void problems about insects as long as you have garden in a toilet. I have to say that there’s no definite effective method to get rid of specific type of insects. You may have to use your own judgement to deal with them. However, I would suggest that do not chemical to kill bugs and insect, try to use natural method.

Each type of pants need different way to maintain, make sure that you maintain humidity and provide enough water to them. However, too much water may bring too much humidity then fungus and mould problems.

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