Sunday, 17 May 2009

Are You Flushing Your Money Down The Toilet...Literally?

Many of you are probably aware that The American Medical
Association has officially declared that all adults should be taking
food supplements. Taking a multivitamin/mineral and an
antioxidant every day is now doctor-recommended.

Like most people, you probably buy your multi-vitamin from your
local drug store or GNC. You’ve looked at the label to see what’s
in those little pills and, assuming it passes the test, you purchase it.

What if you knew that the money you were spending on vitamins
was literally being flushed down the toilet? Would you continue
to spend your hard-earned cash on something that was doing
absolutely nothing for you?

Millions of Americans are trying to lead healthier lives by taking
vitamin and mineral supplements. The problem is that MOST
vitamin supplements have less than a 20% absorption rate. The
remaining 80% is going down the toilet…that is why you don’t
FEEL any different when you take your vitamins.

In Salt Lake City, for instance, over 150 gallons of undigested
vitamin and mineral pills show up in their filters every month.
In Tacoma, Washington 25,000 pounds of undigested vitamin
and mineral pills (some with their brand names still legible) are
pulled out of the sewers every 6 weeks!

What is the solution, you ask? Scientists have developed a way
to increase your body’s absorption of certain vitamins and minerals.
Your body naturally absorbs the sugar fructose (a fruit sugar) so,
they bound the vitamins and minerals to the fructose. This is
called fructose compounding and it increases your body’s
absorption rate to 98%.

Imagine taking a vitamin every day and reaping the benefits of
balanced nutrition. The key is in taking a supplement that your body can

What can you do about it? Do some research on companies that
use this patented delivery system. There are a few reputable
companies that sell vitamins your body can use. Some are more
expensive than others, so look around. They can be found in liquid
or pill form (both work equally well with this delivery system).

Switching to a vitamin that you can actually use can have
tremendous effects on your energy level and sense of well-being.
If you are already spending your money on a supplement to
improve your health, why not try one that can make a difference!

Jennifer Smith is a dentist and also works from home with a wellness company to promote health and safety in homes across North America. To receive free information on how to improve your family’s health and safety, send a request via email to

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