Tuesday, 5 May 2009

If you Gotta Go, Use an Eco-toilet

Have you ever come across the inconvenient problem of needing to go to the bathroom out in the woods or during camping? Who hasn’t?? It’s a problem faced by all, even for those of you who don’t camp. But anyway, without getting into gross details, there is a solution available for those who don’t feel like going out into the woods and digging a hole in the ground. That solution my friends, is a portable, ecologically friendly toilet.

Environmentally friendly toilets, ecologically friendly toilets, or even eco-toilets for short, are innovative inventions that make doing your business easy, clean and friendly to the environment. As mentioned before these toilets are usually portable and are ideal for camping trips. Some companies even boast that you can use them for other outdoor activities where a bathroom wouldn’t be readily available, such as hunting or fishing, and that you can even use them in emergency situations or disaster preparedness.

The thing that separates eco-toilets from the regular household toilet other than the fact that it’s portable is that you use a biodegradable bag to dispense your, business in. Since the bags are designed to be biodegradable, they are in turn perfectly acceptable to use for composting. If you do decide to use these biodegradable bags for composting, you should definitely keep in mind that whatever waste you may have in these bags will take as many as 40 days to decompose fully to a humus state only if they are placed in a controlled composting environment. If you are a novice to composting, then I wouldn’t recommend that you try this until you’ve done more research and are confident enough in what you are doing.

Whether the toilet will be used during camping, outdoor activities or even during emergency situations, it’s always nice to know that there is an alternative to digging a hole in the ground and squatting to do your dirty work. This much more environmentally conscious alternative reduces water consumption, usually comes with biodegradable bags, is portable and easy to use, what more could you ask for? Sorry folks, toilet paper not included.

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