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Dual Flush Toilets: Once, Twice, Thrice the Savings

Dual flush toilets are a wonderful way of easily reducing your water consumption in your home. Using the latest technology they can save you over seven liters per flush and also provide you with an attractive and effective toilet.

Nowadays, we must ensure we keep an eye on the quantity of water we use. Water used to be a commodity that was plentiful in supply, but now there are not only countries around the world with water shortages, but there are a number of States in this country which have a serious water shortage and have to impose restrictions particularly duting summer.

The toilet is a primary water-user in the home. If you have an old-fashioned toilet, you may be surprised to find out that for every flush you could be using more than thirteen liters of water. Multiply that by each use of the toilet each day and then you will understand just how much water your household uses. Then you can use your calculator to figure out how much water is being used by all the houses in your street and you'll begin to catch a glimpse of the amount of water being consumed by your local community, and throughout your State.

A simple solution to this was initially made in Australia, where lack of rain is common and water is often in short supply. The dual flush toilet is now not only used in Australia, but is common throughout Asia, Europe and much of the developed world. In a few of the countries, it's been made law that for homes newly built, dual flush toilets must be installed. The reason is because such toilets can save up to 67% in water consumption.

In the US, the technology is just starting to become widespread, though it is definitely available. There is very little reason not to use them other than their installation is better done by a professional plumber, as they are more complicated than a traditional toilet. Due to their marked development in other parts of the glove, you will discover that they utilize more advanced technology and thus use as tiny as three ltrs. per 1/2 flush and 6 ltrs. per whole flush. These come in a variety of aesthetic types, designed to suit any bathroom. And they are simple to utilize, you only have to press the 1/2 or 'whole' button and you will discover that they're a very cost-effective and water-saving regular toilet alternative.

You can complement this technology by choosing a fast re-filling mechanism, so that you are not only re-filling less water because you are using less with the dual flush technology, but the water will re-fill in virtually no time at all. This will especially help those with a large family or a lot of people living in your house.

However, if you do not want to replace your old, attractive toilet tank with a chain, that looks so good in your bathroom, probably located alongside your old-fashioned long bath, you could still save water by filling the tank with a plastic bottle or two so that not as much water can refill the tank. This way, even though you aren't using the advantage of new technology, you are significantly reducing your water consumption which will save you money and be good for the environment.

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