Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Portable Camping Toilet – A Hunter's Sanctuary

The portable camping toilet is making waves in the world of camping. Fishermen, hunters and camping enthusiasts are making the choice to go it alone when it comes to their camp toilet requirements. What is driving people to take along their own personal portable camping toilet on their trip?

For me I began to entertain the thought of purchasing a personal camping toilet after having my fill of unsanitary campsite restrooms. I had endured this undesirable side of camping for too long. A fellow camper brought me up to speed on a new kind of portable camping toilets taking the camping world by storm. After researching the variety of camping toilets available I narrowed the field and ordered my now prized portable camping toilet. It arrived in the mail in just a few days and boy was I excited.

Wow my fellow camper was right and I am so grateful he pointed me towards this amazing range of portable camping toilets . My wife and I were so pleased with the model we chose and couldn’t wait to break it in, next time we went camping of course. It’s not like I unpacked it set it up at home just to try it out or anything, anyway moving on…

This portable camping toilet of ours is great it fits conveniently in the boot of the car leaving plenty of room for luggage. We cannot believe that now wherever we roam no matter how far into the wilderness we have a toilet at our disposal. It even flushes.

The portable camping toilet we selected is lightweight, is easy to store and transport and is a fully functioning toilet. It is really one of the best purchases we have made with regards to camping. We also bought a camp toilet tent which is specifically designed to function as a place for your portable camping toilet. It provides a personal outhouse no matter where we are located. Now we have a clean and sanitary private sanctuary no matter where in the great outdoors we go…Awsome.

Portable Camping Toilet Who Needs It?

This amazing little contraption could be useful in a variety of ways such as for camping, hiking, on your boat, in RV's, even as an emergency back-up at home. People who frequent festivals or any off the beaten track places like secluded beach spots can now travel with peace of mind knowing they always have somewhere to go. No more picking out a tree to make your own or disgusting campsite amenities. Camping is all about appreciating nature but our days of roughing it are well and truly over. If ever there is a time when you appreciate a little home comfort it is that time…

For people who may be concerned about the environment and how it may be impacted by these new camping toilets fear not. They are used with green earth friendly cleaning products.Just one more reason to take your camping to the next level of luxury and get yourself a portable camping toilet.

By: Simon Paul jr

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